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26 April 2022

Book Review

Review of Jonathan Lusthaus' Book- Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime

Book review by Matías Dewey of ExLegi Senior Research Fellow Jonathan Lusthaus' book (Industry of Anonymity: Inside the Business of Cybercrime) published in the American Journal of Sociology.

21 April 2022

Job Opportunity

Call For Visiting At-Risk Scholars at The University of Milan

As part of the international network "Scholars at Risk" (SAR) and its Italian section SAR-Italia, the University of Milan is offering 4 positions for at-risk scholars. To be eligible, candidates must be Ukrainian citizens or other non-EU country nationals coming from areas where political and/or military crisis is underway.

Deadline: 2 pm (CEST, Italy) on April 22nd 2022

See the link for further details and requirements.

31 March 2022


Exploiting Opportunities and Adapting to Change: Organised Crime in Hong Kong, China, and Japan

Speakers: T. Wing Lo (City University of Hong Kong), Hirosue Noboru (Ryukoku University), and Peng Wang (University of Hong Kong)

29 March 2022

Online Workshop

Criminal cultures and criminal figures in the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet space

Time: 2-5.30 PM CET

Speakers: Costanza Curro (University of Helsinki, Finland), Davide Casciano (AnthroCrime EASA Network, University of Bologna, Italy), Federico Varese (University of Oxford, UK), Gavin Slade, (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan), Rustam Urinboyev (Lund University, Sweden), Rhiannon Dowling (CUNY, US), Vakhtang Kekoshvili (Georgian American University, Georgia), Maroussia Ferry (IHEID-CCDP, Switzerland), Svetlana Stephenson (London Metropolitan University, UK) and Judith Pallot (University of Helsinki).

Given the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the crisis unfolding in the region and beyond, this workshop run by Anthro Crime wants to provide a platform for discussion and reflection on how our knowledge and experience could help understand current events and future challenges, as citizens and as academics

28 March 2022


Podcast Episode on Cybercime with Our Director

On the ISF podcast, Federico Varese discusses the history of organised crime in Russia and around the world, as well as the mafia’s movement into cybercrime, and what the future may hold for these criminal organisations.

1 March 2022

Journal Article

The determinants of group membership in organized crime in the UK: A network study

New journal article published in Global Crime, co-authored by our Director Federico Varese and Senior Research Fellow Paolo Campana

24 February 2022

Journal Article

Cooperation and distrust in extra-legal networks: a research note on the experimental study of marketplace disruption

New article published in the Global Crime journal co-authored by our ExLegi director Federico Varese and senior research fellow Jonathan Lusthaus, alongside other esteemed academics.

24 February 2022


“Clan crime” in Germany: Development and Risk Factors

Speaker: Mahmoud Jaraba, Erlangen Centre for Islam and Law in Europe (EZIRE), Erlangen, Germany

21 February 2022


Appointment of Nathaniel Rosenblatt to The U.S. Department of State

Congratulations to Nathaniel Rosenblatt, an ExLegi Research Fellow, who has recently joined the US Department of State as a counterterrorism policy advisor!

2 February 2022


Mafia Raj: Ethnographic Notes on Intimidation in North India

Speaker: Lucia Michelutti, Professor of Anthropology, University College London



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